Dr. Yoko Fukuda

Dr. Yoko Fukuda photo Specialty of Dr. Yoko Fukuda:
  • Hematology and Oncology
  • Oncologist
Degree: MD
Location: Rochester, NH

Frisbie Memorial Hospital

City and State: Rochester, New Hampshire, 3867
Adress: 11 Whitehall Road
Phone: +1(603)3325211
  1. Dr. Yoko Fukuda was one of my main doctors in a team which committed serious medical malpractice. I became paraplegia due to the malpractice, but Dr. Fukuda never told me the reason why my body from rib area to toes got paralyzed and how the prognosis would be, though she attended to me for more than 1 month and visited my room every day. During the period she behaved as if the paralysis would be temporary, though the hospital I was transferred to after the malpractice immediately told me that the disability would be lifetime.

    It has been almost 10 years since the malpractice but I am still in sedentary life, though I was physically normal when I was accommodated into the hospital.

    • 1. “Physically normal” in the previous comment means that I could stand/walk by myself without any support and device. Actually I could keep standing in a jolting train on the same day just before the accommodation.

      2. On accommodation I checked “I would like to know everything happening in my health condition even if it is a bad news” on the inquiry sheet. She should have explained the reason and prognosis of the symptom though it does not necessarily mean that disability stems from her own mistake.

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